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Each year, Warbleton Parish Council supports local organisations, societies and groups by providing financial grants. The Council will  invite applications from interested groups during the autumn of 2021 for grants which will be made in 2022. The closing date for applications is 15th November 2021. The Council, will make final decisions about the award of grants during January 2022 and successful applicants can expect to receive funds during or after April 2022.

Important - The criteria for applications is set out below, but the Council reserves the right to any additional criteria that it regards as appropriate.

Application Criteria

  1. The Parish Council, when considering grants, will give priority to those groups and organisations which can demonstrate that other fund-raising efforts have been made.
  2. Grants will normally only be given towards specific items of expenditure – i.e. equipment or capital projects and will only be paid on production of a receipted invoice.  They will normally not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project.
  3. Requests for grants must be accompanied by either audited accounts, (in the case of a Registered Charity to include a copy of the Trustees Annual Report to the Charity Commission), or a business plan for a new organisation or group. Note: please contact the Parish Clerk, if this is not possible.
  4. Grants will not normally be made available to commercial or national organisations, statutory bodies or groups from outside the parish unless there are identifiable benefits to residents of the parish
  5. If part or all of the grant is unspent, the Parish Council reserves the right to request that any unspent funds are repaid